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roadway lights, street lights, commerical street lights, powered lighting systems, intersection lighting


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The patented Streetlight is a commercial quality, solar powered lighting system for streets, roadways, dark intersections, as well as parking lots and general area security lighting applications. These systems can bring illumination to troublesome security locations where it is difficult, expensive or impossible to run power lines. There is no need for electric meters and monthly bills, power company charges for bringing electricity to the site, land use permission issues for carrying power across properties, or the inevitable delays caused by all these factors. Installation is easy and the system is virtually maintenance free.

A Cost Effective Solution for Roadway and Street Lights
Completely powered by the sun - no connection to grid power.

Solex warranty, including a 25 year solar panel power guarantee, is the strongest in the industry.

Unsurpassed Reliability
All of our project customers have reordered evidencing our reliability and quality. Our lights are sold worldwide with no outstanding warranty claims.

Unsurpassed Durability
Flat panel design of our Streetlight gives the most resistance to wind possible. Entire structural assembly is specifically engineered for rugged environment and usage utilizing sturdy corrosive resistant aluminum and stainless steel hardware throughout.

Maintenance Free Gel Batteries
The finest batteries for solar applications and so safe they can be shipped fully charged

Easy Installation
Easily mounts on any type of pole.

Will Light Even After Rainy Days
Systems designed for 5 to 6 days of battery back-up with no sunlight

Meets Lighting Requirements
Uses high frequency fired fluorescents CCFL bulbs, LPS or HPS bulbs with super efficient Max-Light reflectors, or new LED lights.

Environmentally Friendly
Solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminating pollution.

Integrated System
No wiring! No delays!
No trenching through existing roads, sidewalks or landscaping
No routine maintenance
No transformers! No meters! No electric bills!

System Operation
Commercial quality, solar powered lighting system. Solar panels absorb the suns' rays, even on overcast days, converting them to electricity. The electricity is stored in Gel batteries. A microprocessor based regulator controls the functions of the system. It acts as a photocell - turning the light on at dusk and off at dawn. It can act as a timer - regulating the hours the light stays on. It regulates the battery - preventing overcharging and protecting against over discharging. The standard system is designed to operate for at least 5 consecutive days without sunlight.

Simple Payback Analysis
How long will it take to recover your investment in solar-powered technology? Here are some points to consider when comparing solar to the traditional electric lighting system:

  • Cost to run wire from grid
  • Cost of trenching or tunneling
  • Cost of replacing concrete, asphalt or landscaping
  • Cost of transformers and meters to be added for electric service
  • No monthly electric bills

SLX Series features patented solar panel mounting system with flat panel design.

Lighting Applications

  • Roadway and street lighting
  • Parking lots
  • Security perimeter lighting 
  • Remote area lighting


  • Immune to power outages
  • Vandal resistant hardware
  • No trenching, no wiring
  • No maintenance
  • Stand alone, not connected to grid
  • Easy installation - quick connect plugs
  • All inclusive lighting system


  • The SLX features a patented solar panel mounting system in which the panels lie flat on the mounting bracket. The flat panels allow the light to be installed in any direction, regardless of sun path direction. This makes the SLX ideal for random direction installations such as winding roadways or parking lots, and all installations within 30 degrees of the Equator.
  • The flat panels also present a low wind profile. Important in areas exposed to high winds.
  • The SLX Series is a high reliability, stand-alone lighting system. The light fixture, solar panels, rugged battery enclosure, panel mounting platform and mounting bracket provide a totally integrated, self-contained lighting source.
  • Vented aluminum battery box holds battery(s) and controller. It is mounted on the main support bracket and shaded by the panels.
  • Sturdy corrosive resistant stainless steel hardware throughout.
  • Typical five (5) to six (6) day battery reserve in case of inclement weather.
  • Maintenance free gel batteries.
  • Standard models include a Cobra head fixture - dome lens or cut-off lens.
  • Equipment can be mounted on your choice of standard round pole - wood, fiberglass, galvanized steel, or aluminum. Complete turnkey packages including pole are available.
  • Five (5) year system warranty with CCFL bulb.
  • 25 year solar panel warranty.
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